November 05, 2015

Decorate Your Dream Home to Match You.

Building your dream home is exciting. Nothing beats walking into a brand new home built just for you and your needs. Does your furniture fit your new home? Even if you’ve never built your own home, finding furniture or art that matches your personality is important. Decorate your rooms to match your design.

The Design Antique Show Houston is a new home decor market. This unique shopping experience brings together the charm of antique markets to Houston’s urban setting. An array of home furnishings including: industrial, antiques, mid-century modern and contemporary furniture, art, textiles, architectural elements, garden design, and more are featured there. This is the perfect place to find home furnishings that fit your personality and style.

These are pieces you won’t find in a furniture or home decor store. You build a home designed to reflect you and your style. Why should your furniture and decor be anything less?

This weekend is a great opportunity to find home furnishings that fit your style and home. November 6th, 7th, and 8th you can shop DASH. You not only get the day to explore unique pieces from Round Top and Warrenton, but this show has food trucks, free parking, and music. Children and pets are more than welcome.

November 6th from 10-8pm, the 7th from 10-6pm, and the 8th from 10-4pm explore what DASH has to offer. Admission is only $10 for an entire day of discovering treasures that express your personality and style.

Take a look at the list of dealers to see who best represents your style. You might find a dining set your house wouldn't be complete without. Or you might find a couch you need to build your dream house around.

If you do find that couch you can’t live without, but don’t have the house to go with it; we can help. Princeton can help you through the process of building your own home and give you a home that truly reflects you. Talk with us today and we can get you started on the journey to your dream home.

Image - Design Antique Show Houston